Internet and Website Terms


The Internet
The extensive, worldwide computer network available to the public.
Note the initial capital in Internet
Also called the Net.
An internet
Any set of interconnected computers
An intranet is a local area network (LAN) used internally by an organization or an individual.
WWW, World Wide Web, or the Web
A hypertext system that operates over the Internet, used for serving webpages and transferring files.
A hypertext document
A human readable file that contains references to other documents called hyperlinks, or just links.
Selecting (clicking on) a hyperlink causes the computer to display the linked document.
A Website, Web site, WWW site, or just site
A collection of Web pages on the Internet or an internet.
Several websites can dwell on one computer,
or a website can be split over several computers in different places.
The computers involved are known as servers because they serve pages to users.
The pedantic instance in capitalization is relaxed when discussing websites.
The root page, index or default page of a website.
A web host
A company that rents out servers,
space on servers, or
just space for someone else's server for hosting a website.
Most hosing companies offfer a bewildering array of other services, but providing Internet connectivity is a basic.
Company or department server.
A modest size company can have its own web server running on an intranet.
ISP Internet service provider.
Connects individuals or companies to the Net.
Most larger ISP's also do web hosting.
A software program used to view web pages.
Examples are; Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozzilla, Firefox, and Opera.